There is so much we can accomplish when we work together.

I'm running to increase access to city services. I'm running to improve public safety. I'm running to invest in Roanoke and the region. But most importantly, I'm running to serve you.

Increasing Access to City services.

People need to be able to trust that government is working for them; that their trash will be picked up, park grass will be cut, and their bus will arrive on time. People also need to be able to trust the decisions that their government makes over day-to-day matters from zoning to taxation and changes in personnel.

I’m committed to rebuilding trust and putting government to work for you. I believe we can work together to increase access to City services by:

  • Supporting expanded times for bus service and working to include new destinations;

  • Increasing responsiveness and resolution to reported nuisances and violations;

  • Addressing issues with parking and towing;

  • Researching avenues to address City worker shortages;

  • Considering alternatives to staff recommendations;

  • Engaging stakeholders before taking action; and

  • Communicating Council’s decisions with the community.

I believe it is my duty to help constituents navigate the often burdensome and frustrating bureaucratic red tape of local government. It is irresponsible to tell people “there’s nothing we can do.” Rather, if we work together, we’ll find a way.

Improving Public Safety.

People deserve to feel safe on the road, in their homes, at public amenities, and in their communities. As more incidents of violence include firearms, motorists continue to ignore the rules of the road, and threats are made against our schools, we must find a way to make our communities safer.

I’m committed to promoting programs and supporting solutions that make a difference. I believe we can work together to improve public safety by:

  • Increasing traffic patrols thoughtfully without creating a racial disparity of enforcement impacting people of color;

  • Supporting the implementation of an intervention and prevention framework targeted at the root causes of violence in our community;

  • Continuing to keep firearms out of our municipal buildings, parks, recreation centers, and our schools;

  • Advocating for the health, safety, pay, and benefits for our first responders;

  • Providing raises in starting salaries for law enforcement and addressing pay compression issues;

  • Researching recruitment and retention strategies to keep good cops on the job; and

  • Enforcing statewide police conduct standards to decertify bad apples on the force.

I’m confident we can make Roanoke a safer place, but we must have respect for those working to protect us and we must hold each other accountable for our own actions and words.

Investing in Roanoke and the Region.

The present and future of Roanoke depend on the strength of this region and cooperation amongst our neighbors to work towards common goals that impact the livelihoods of us all.

I’m committed to helping Roanoke thrive. As long as we’re willing to work together and agree to support each other’s priorities, I believe we can invest in Roanoke and the Region by:

We can transform this region to reach its potential while managing to keep Roanoke the same place we all know and love, but it’s going to take time, money, and resources. And its going to take all of us, working together to make it happen.

Serving you.

My name is Luke Priddy and I am running in the Special Election for the unexpired term on Roanoke City Council. I am the Democratic nominee. I serve as Chief of Staff for State Senator John S. Edwards and Chair of the City of Roanoke Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. I have served as Chair of the Roanoke City Democratic Committee, and I’m involved in a number of various organizations throughout the area that are all working to make Roanoke a better place.

On City Council, I will continue working for Roanoke by leveraging my legislative experience and commitment to service with a dedication to make informed decisions through community engagement.

A stronger, safer city, with businesses that thrive and a government we trust, relies on all of us coming together - united to take on today's challenges and whatever lies ahead.

Six Pillars of Public Service

In 1999, State Senator John Edwards, D-Roanoke, passed legislation requiring all school boards to establish character education programs. Consequently, I’m young enough to have benefited from this legislation, instilling within me these personal character traits: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

I consider these values the Six Pillars of Public Service, acting as a guide for how I ought to behave and interact with those I intend to serve. They’ve taught me to be honest. Have integrity. Be loyal. Be accepting of others. Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements. Keep on trying. Be accountable. Play by the rules. Express gratitude. Forgive others. Do my share. Stay informed. Vote. Debate civilly. And always to be a good neighbor.

These are the tenets that founded my campaign. While at times it may be difficult, and I recognize that I am only human, I strive to follow them daily. I hope that you will too.

Signs are available.

Coming to a yard near you. We have regular and medium-sized so you can show off your support. Fill out the form to get yours today!





I do not like to make promises because I believe a promise that is not fulfilled is just a lie that has not happened yet. With that caveat, I make these promises to you now; I will work hard, I will show up, and I will listen.


VOTE EARLY - Voting starts September 23.

Vote early at the Registrar’s Office, 317 Kimball Ave. Roanoke, VA from Sept. 23 through Nov. 5.

Your precinct polling location is open from 6 am to 7 pm on Nov. 8.

I want to hear from you.

You might love or hate some of the ideas I’ve put forth. Some may be aspirational while others may not go far enough. One thing I know, I’m not the king of ideas. You probably have your own, and I want to hear them. You can reach me at or 540-798-6531.

Please sign up for updates from my campaign and to stay connected on what’s happening in the City of Roanoke.

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